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Reggaeton Kentro Ghetto is a project regarding unique services of the Reggaeton dance style coming all the way from Latin America with director and creator Yonly Leyva Desdunes from Cuba.

Reggaeton is a musical style that comes from Jamaica Reggae with Hip Hop influence from the United States. It is based on the Spanish Reggae that developed in Panama and Puerto Rico in the 1970s.


Reggaeton dance requires all parts of the body to move, is a balance between the movements of the hips, feet, neck, steps forward and backward with turns to the right and left.


Reggaeton Kentro Ghetto is a professional company that provides the fundamentals to the style combining them with modern elements according to the recent evolution of Reggaeton. 

Yonly Leyva Desdunes he been holding weekly classes to the well known Pineapple dance studios in London Uk and in several Universities around London. 

One of the aspects of the company is to expand the idea of creating a dancing crew of Reggaetoneros for events, festivals and videos. 

 The Company is accepting private group classes and one to one as well as collaborate for dance videos, choreographies and animations.

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